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pavane by metrum acoustics review by the ear

With the Pavane DAC Metrum Acoustics surpassed all its previous products. By shifting the lower 12 bits of a 24 bit signal into a separate converter and threating them as upper 12 it has a unique architecture. The signal is matched with the 12 bits that were not shifted in the analogue stage, resulting in […]

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menuet by metrum acoustics review by the ear

Every year I hear a lot of new products. But at the end of the year, when the editor asks me for my product of the year, only a few names come to mind. This year, there is one that sticks out and it is first and foremost a brand name; Metrum Acoustics. To my […]

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Adagio by Metrum Acoustics the Ear Review

From the first digital to analogue converter ever made by Metrum Acoustics they have taken a different route to most manufacturers. The majority use conversion chips by Burr Brown, Philips, TI or Wolfson to name a few, Metrum selected an industrial DAC chip and claimed its high speed architecture improved the conversion. A lot of […]

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