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Comparing Adagio by Metrum Acoustics with D1 By 6Moons

DAC direct x 2. Comparing Adagio and D1 pitted €6’950 against €9’000. The fatter sum added RCA/XLR analog inputs. Some would opine that the COS remains the still sharper looker. But with Pavane/Adagio-era Metrum, that difference really has condensed to personal bias. Sonically, this was a rerun of the prior experiment, albeit with a narrower […]

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pavane by metrum acoustics review by witchdoctor

I write this Metrum Acoustics Pavane review with a terribly sheepish expression upon my face. Usually when I’m given a product to assess I have it for around one to three, maybe four months before returning it (sometimes at my own cost) and coming up with copy destined for this esteemed website. MORE

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adagio by metrum acoustics review by the ear

From the first digital to analogue converter ever made by Metrum Acoustics they have taken a different route to most manufacturers. The majority use conversion chips by Burr Brown, Philips, TI or Wolfson to name a few, Metrum selected an industrial DAC chip and claimed its high speed architecture improved the conversion. A lot of […]

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