aurix by metrum acoustics review by 6moons

But beyond step-up transformers in phono stages, we rarely see hifi circuits exploit magnetic gain. Usual gain devices are transistors, tubes or op-amps. But exceptions exist. The FirstWatt M2 and F6 power amps use small transformers for passive gain. Audio Consulting has its own version. In-depth canvassing of the worldwide web should scare up more […]

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amethyst by metrum acoustics review by 6moons

True or false? With perfect timing like a metronome, Holland’s industrial refinery plant of non-oversampling R2R DACs with proprietary silicon keeps knocking out new models. Aside from ‘industrial’, all true. Cees Ruijtenberg’s engineering house is in the process of growing semi-precious stones. First up is Amethyst, to be followed shortly by Onyx and Jade*. For […]

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“It’s easy to see how the Adagio is part of the same family as our Pavane yet under the hood we optimized it to excel as a preamplifier. Compared to the Pavane, we made several changes to insure that performance of the volume control remained constant across its range. Since we alter the reference voltage […]

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