Metrum Acoustics Dealers

Metrum Acoustics has a highly respected dealer network, made up of true audio specialists, and al though our fine digital to analog converters are offered through our webshop, we honor and respect our partnerships with the people on the frontline. As a consumer it is entirely up to you to either purchase through a dealer or through our website, Metrum Acoustics will guarantee that the dealer is being compensated. This has an enormous advantage to you, the consumer, as when in case of a flaw, you will always be able to reach out either to Metrum Acoustics directly, or to one of our dealers!

This approach makes us communicate with all stakeholders in such way that the Metrum Acoustics family becomes even stronger! Today Metrum Acoustics has satisfied customers on most continents and it is a proven fact, that only by cooperating with dealers and consumers alike, our brand thrives!

Metrum Acoustics welcomes new dealers, and if you are interested in representing our fine line of high end audio products, please reach out to us by email

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