menuet by metrum acoustics review by the ear

Every year I hear a lot of new products. But at the end of the year, when the editor asks me for my product of the year, only a few names come to mind. This year, there is one that sticks out and it is first and foremost a brand name; Metrum Acoustics. To my ears, in digital audio, their latest non-oversampling DACs sound the most musical and natural. It would be easy, and more than justified, to name their latest flagship DAC/Preamplifier Adagio, the best of 2016. But instead I want to nominate the Menuet. I know the sound of the Adagio, and the earlier Pavane, very well and the sound quality of the Menuet, that I reviewed for The Ear earlier this year, comes very close. The fact that the Menuet retails for a much more affordable price than the other two brings it within reach of a lot more music lovers. To me, this combination of quality and price makes the Menuet the true product of the year. MORE

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