HiFace Two

HiFace Two, the perfect companion for your FLINT by Metrum Acoustics™ Baby Dac

The hiFace Two is a high value-for-money ratio Digital-to-Digital Converter to turn your computer into the main audio source for every hi-fi system provided with a digital input.

If your hi-fi system includes a digital-to-analog converter, or when your amplifier or CD player have a digital input to use their internal DAC with external sources, then you can use the hiFace Two to turn your computer into a high performance music source.

Just plug the hiFace Two into one of your computer’s USB ports and connect its output to the available digital input in your hi-fi system: you’ll be able to listen to music files with a very high sound quality, be they MP3, CD quality or high resolution files.

Extremely easy to use, it’s seen by your computer as an audio card. No need for driver with Mac and Linux computers, the driver for Windows is provided

hiFace Two works great together with…

Your hi-fi system

The hiFace Two is a digital link, therefore you only need your computer and your hi-fi system’s digital input.

A PC or a Smartphone and a Portable DAC with Headphones Amplifier

This is the simplest setup, which can deliver stunning sound if both DAC/amp and headphones are good quality ones.