First Take on the JADE by 6Moons…..

Jade versus Onyx, showing the addition of the motorized pot as the distinguishing feature. With Jade positioned at €2’450, it stares down Schiit’s $2’299 Yggdrasil but adds remote volume. This involves no bit stripping because it’s not on-chip digital attenuation. It’s not a basic pot on the analog outputs either. It addresses circuit gain directly. That’s vaguely related to how Bakoon do it for their Satri circuit and exactly how Etalon Sound vary their R2R DreamDac’s output; or Cees that of his €6’950 Adagio flagship. Usually manufacturers complain when a reviewer references their product to a competitor’s which costs 60% less but performs on par. “You just killed my sales” was one such recent email. Today, Cees would have competed squarely against himself to only have himself to blame. If I’d had an Adagio. I didn’t. To learn how big or small the sonic gap separating them might be remains for another reviewer to say. I can merely express surprise and beaucoup admiration that such advanced tech just jumped down on price by such a significant margin. It seems nearly saintly.

The full article can be read here, including all the audioporn 🙂

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