DJ & Producer Mark Otten about the need for a DAC

QUOTE from Mark Otten,

[Producer talk] Listening to London Grammar and others through this craaaazy amazing (Dutch!) Metrum Acoustics DA-converter my dear studio neighbour Jaap Veenstra showed me, is one amazing experience. I knew DA-conversion was critical to the listening experience but never had I thought the difference could be this big, emotional really, and truly as if the musicians are standing there right in front of you (or further away, meaning there’s greatly noticeable depth), making the message of the song coming across that much stronger.

Also, it seems that room acoustics get a lot less important too! Crazy stuff. This came about after me discovering I really wasn’t ‘feeling’ my new soundcard. After struggling what to do with it, eventually I decided to take it back to the shop and for the time being keep working with my old soundcard. So weird, since the rest of the world seems to love the one I was working with. And I’ve heard them on other places, same speakers, with ARC room correction and all, where it seemed to sound great. Maybe I got just got a bad one. Anyway, moral of the story: converters MATTER, very much so. Now, who would like a kidney, so I can afford that Metrum Acoustics DAC?


On top of that, just check out some pretty cool music produced by him at

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