ANA CRIADO – VULNERABLE – Downtempo Remix by Dutch DJ Mark Otten

Recently Dutch DJ and Producer Mark Otten wrote a text on why someone would need a powerful Digital to Analog Converter, and he ended it with the following,

“Anyway, moral of the story: converters MATTER, very much so. Now, who would like a kidney, so I can afford that Metrum Acoustics DAC?”

A little about Mark before we break the news,

“I believe that when passion for music is real, it will shine through in your music,” says Mark Otten, DJ and music producer. “I am always looking for better ways to bring across that passion.” Mark Otten is a true multi-talent. Coming from a rich musical background, starting out as a drummer, but also teaching himself to play guitars and keyboards, he gets involved in dance music at an early age. It doesn’t take long until the world’s number 1 DJ Armin van Buuren notices Mark’s talent and signs the first progressive trance single, ‘Mushroom Therapy’ to his personal Armind label. “Mushroom” is an epic melodic piece of dance music, featuring Mark himself on lead guitar, and is considered a classic.

Today it is more than a pleasure as well as a privilege to announce that Mark has released his latest song, a more than compelling downtempo dance remix called VULNERABLE by Ana Criado which has been monitored by the Metrum Acoustics JADE Digital to Analog converter (and no, he did not sell his kidney to enjoy pristine spacious digital sound while recording).

Enjoy the remix which has been released on several platforms and we for one are raving about it!



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