amethyst by metrum acoustics review by 6moons

True or false? With perfect timing like a metronome, Holland’s industrial refinery plant of non-oversampling R2R DACs with proprietary silicon keeps knocking out new models. Aside from ‘industrial’, all true. Cees Ruijtenberg’s engineering house is in the process of growing semi-precious stones. First up is Amethyst, to be followed shortly by Onyx and Jade*. For Cees, presenting intel on Amethyst would be “a difficult exercise. I am a no-nonsense guy more focused on getting real results than playing marketing tricks. After all, this couldn’t be a terribly exciting tech project when it follows up our older Musette. However, we found that using the DAC Two module meant we had to improve the layout of the Musette board. As you know, our DAC Two with its two R2R ladders runs a very fast FPGA at 400MHz. The ladders themselves can create a 10MHz sine wave in parallel mode but on the board will be limited to the serial formats I²S or RJ24. Interesting is how a single DAC Two per channel compares to the big brothers Pavane and Adagio. MORE

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